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Hi, My name is _____(name) and I am from _____(city). Technology impacts my life because:

  • I connect to friends and family both near and far.
  • Technology helps me work when I’m on the go.
  • I can stay connected to my favorite entertainment and content.
  • I feel safer knowing I am connected to first responders.


  • It doesn’t need to be fancy; a selfie video recorded on your phone works well.
  • Keep videos under 30 seconds.
  • Say your name and what city you live in.
  • Use respectful language and tone.
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Pennsylvania will fall behind other states if our technology does not keep up with the times. See what others are saying:

The demand for wireless data increases every day, and the backbone of our wireless network is in dire need of new solutions to meet it. We need modern-day solutions for our state’s modern-day challenges.